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Member - Cart 18 Hole x 50 rounds

This Member Only Cart Package includes
.....50 X 18 Holes Power Cart Rounds per rider

*valid only for current Southern Pines Golf Members in good standing
*no cash surrender value
*non members pay regular cart rental rate

*some restrictions\surcharge may apply

By purchasing this League Cart Rental I agree to the following and acknowledge that I am a Registered Paid in Full Golf Member at Southern Pines Golf Club I also acknowledge that this Cart package may only be used for single riders and any secondary rider is responsible for paying their appropriate cart rental rate

1. Only two persons and two golf bags allowed at any time. No pulling of hand carts or persons.

2. No minors permitted to operate car at any time.

3. Emergency brake must be applied when parked.

4. Keep both feet inside car when moving.

5. Be sure that operator is sitting down and in full control of car and has checked directional switch or key position to ensure that it is in the proper position before releasing emergency brake or before touching throttle.

6. Keep car off greens and tees.

7. LESSOR reserves the right, and LESSEE acknowledges said right, to take possession of car without any refund of fee, when any of these instructions are violated by LESSEE.

8. Carts must remain on fairways.

LESSEE promises and agrees to hold LESSOR and owners of said golf car free and harmless from any damage or claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise from or through LESSEE's use of said golf car. The receipt of said golf car in good order and repair is hereby acknowledged by LESSEE.

LESSEE represents that he or she is familiar with the operation and use of said golf car and that he or she has read the instructions. LESSEE promises and agrees to pay for any damages that are sustained to said golf car while same is in LESSEE's custody. LESSEE also agrees to be personally responsible for any bodily injury and/or property damage by reason of the use of said golf car.

Golf car is hereby leased for not more than (9) (18) holes. The full agreement between the LESSOR and the LESSEE is contained herein, and time is made of the essence of this agreement.